What is Scalar Energy and what is Quantum Necklace

What is Scalar Energy

Scalar Energy is a subtle energy that can be harnessed to produce healing energy frequencies frequencies that are beneficial to our health. … It produces Scalar Energy that helps to enhance your body’s biofield. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body.

Scalar Energy Pendant is made up of a revolutionary material from minerals that are infused of perpetual energy which is beneficial to the body and blood circulatory function. The Pendant when placed touching your body gives additional strength, improves your flexibility and balance.

The Scalar Energy Quantum Pendant is created from technically engineered natural mineral particles which are specifically graded to isolate certain sized particles, targeted for their inherent resonance. The particles are then recombined using Nano Fusion technology in specific ratios, fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level by using several high heat fusion methods.

The combination of the minerals and the fusion techniques produces a catalytic conversion of energy, developing a long lasting natural scalar resonance which has the ability to be transferred to any liquid, renewing the natural nano molecular structure.

The renewed molecular structure is similar to those found in healthy natural spring water. Like fruit and vegetables the body slowly loses its nano molecular structure, as we age the cells have less ability to absorb liquid, the cell can be re-hydrated at a molecular level to provide energy liquid, using the Quantum Pendant.

Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant is uniquely produced using a Japanese Mineral Science Technology to provide us with sufficient scalar frequencies. The pendant contains high quality bonded volcanic minerals of Japan and Germany that efficiently emit the powerful scalar energy. Some forms energy are more effective than others and have a whole range of profound beneficial effects on the human body.

Scalar energy is the energy of the future and is another application of healing energy as nature intended. Though it is not fully understood, one cannot deny the tremendous effects it has on our biofield by promoting a positive flow of energy.

This helps to maintain energy balance or repair our body that has been weakened by daily exposure to negative energy such as radiation from cell phone, television, computer, x-ray, microwave and electrical appliances.

The Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant is durable, easy to wear or carry and can even energize your drinking water. The scalar energy in the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant does not diminish. In fact it provides you consistent energy for a lifetime…

Clinical Studies

Blood cells of normal modern people always clumps together & this will reduce oxygen level to the cells.

After wearing our scalar energy product, The blood cells unclump.

You will be more healthy & energetic just by wearing our product


How to use Scalar Energy Pendant?

  1. Wear the Pendant over the neck for general well being.
  2. Place the Pendant over the forehead, or gently rub the sides of the pendant along the top of your eyebrows for headache and relaxation.
  3. Place it over the abdomen for stomachache and period pain.
  4. Place the Pendant at each of the four corners of your bed to create an energy field.
  5. This energy field can help to energize you while you sleep.
  6. You’ll sleep better and wake up feeling fresher. Give this to older friends and relatives.
  7. The elderly enjoy better balance and stability when they wear the Pendant.
  8. This test shows that after wearing the Pendant, you are better able to balance yourself.

Scalar Energy Pendant Benefit?

  • Eliminates the negative effects level of man-made frequencies (60 cps)in the body.
  • Increases cell energy level to 70-90 mini-volts, relieves fatigue, tiredness and rigidity (you feel more energetic).
  • Protects cellular DNA from damage by increasing energy of hydrogen bonds that hold DNA together.
  • Facilitates nutrient absorption with improved cell wall permeability.
  • Speeds up body’s detoxification process.
  • Cleanses and improve blood profile.
  • Strengthens immune function up to 149%.
  • Improve mental focus and mental clarity.
  • Improve vision.
  • Reregulate blood pressure.
  • Prevents or reverses cancer cells.
  • Helps those with insomnia.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Promotes unclumping of cells and circulation.
  • Increasing the energy level of every single cell in the body by facilitating the entry of nutrients and elimination of wastes from the cells.
  • Enhances immune and endocrine systems.
  • Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria.
  • Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification.
  • Enhances cellular permeability by increasing the energy level of every single cell in the body by facilitating the entry of nutrients and elimination of wastes from the cells.
  • Helps to protect DNA from damage.
  • Helps to retard the ageing process.
  • Helps to fight cancer cells.
Increases brain power by increasing focus and concentration, enhancing creativity and calming the mind.
Strengthens the body’s biofield preventing and neutralizing the harmful electro-magnetic radiation/waves from affecting one’s health. Most importantly, the Quantum Pendant has the ability to ENERGIZE the WATER you drink in the most cost effective manner.


  • For best results, wear the pendant around your neck at least 8 hours a day for a minimum of 4 consecutive days. It is important to drink at least 8 glasses of healthful water daily when wearing the pendant (drink preferably energizing water.).

Place it directly on the affected body parts (e. G. Knee, back, shoulder, ankle, etc. ) to relieve stiffness or soreness.

Place it over the forehead for headache and relaxation

Place it over the abdomen for stomach ache and period pain Quantum Pendant turns the water in your body into healthy, energized, small-clustered water!


You can also use the Scalar Energy Pendant to energize food (raw or cooked) personal beauty applications (lotions, moisturizers, hair growth products, shampoos), prolong the shelf life of flowers and plants, fruits and vegetables or energize your pets.

  • Place the Pendant at each of the four corners of your bed to create an energy field. This energy field can help to energize you while you sleep. You’ll sleep better and wake up feeling fresher.
  • Leave the Pendant in your refrigerator to lower the temperature and keep food fresher longer. Tests show that leaving the Pendant in the refrigerator can keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer. It can also lower the temperature so you can save electricity.
  • Place the Pendant underneath your skin care bottles to improve their absorption and efficacy. It helps to break down the molecules of the ingredients for better absorption.
  • Give this to older friends and relatives. The elderly enjoy better balance and stability when they wear the Pendant. Test shows that after wearing the Pendant, you are better able to balance yourself.
  • Shut your eyes and place the Pendant over your eyes to alleviate eye puffiness and discomfort. The Pendant can improve metabolism and blood circulation, thus relieving eye puffiness and discomfort.
  • Place it on your waist to help increase energy levels and relieve stomach discomfort.
  • Children and athletes who wear the Pendant can improve their energy, flexibility and concentration levels.
  • Place the Pendant in your aquarium to keep your fish healthy.

The sky is literally the limit with a Quantum Science Scalar Energy Pendant!

This Scalar Energy Pendant provides Peak Physical Performance and as a result are in high demand by many World Class Athletes, International Sport Figures, Stars and Superstars – many of whom own several scalar energy pendant and scalar energy products!

Treats Many Ailments and Illnesses :

The Pendant can treat many ailments and illnesses! Amazing testimonies in USA and recently in Malaysia , Singapore and India!

Instant Effects! :

Benefits of wearing the Pendant include: Reduces the effects of EMF radiation Strengthens your resilience to the effects of stress Increases your energy and stamina Reduces the symptoms of fatigue Relieves the symptoms of jet lag Enhances your mental performance and alertness

And Much More! :

Promotes blood circulation Improves metabolism in our bodies Shields electromagnetic (EMF) waves Increases oxygen supply to blood cells Energies and helps fights growth of bad cells Imprints into our DNA and protects it from damage Works as anti-depressant as it takes away adrenaline.

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